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"The purpose of learning is growth, and our
minds, unlike our bodies, can continue
growing as we continue to live."
Mortimer Adler

Welcome! There is so much to see here. Take your time to get to know the Metu and Lee Characters!

The purpose of this community is to collectively be able to engage, educate, and empower people through this platform. — Dr. Shenin Sachedina D.O.,FACOS


About our Books

This book also focusses light on the fact that children need to be educated so that they know what the changes around them mean. Anticipating these changes with information is less stressful for these children. Studies have shown that children in homes touched by malignancies do better if they’re educated on the changes to anticipate. This eases there in anxiety . The study clearly show the children affected in homes touch by breast cancer can have increased psychosocial and detachment issues if they are not educated properly at the time that the family is dealing with this disease. It is Dr. Sachedina’s opinion this information can be extrapolated into other malignancies as well.It is the goal for the Metu and Lee book series, and the project, to help support all individuals by providing encouragement, information, and a tool to help open discussion with the youngest of the victims, the children.Over a decade has passed since the first installment in the series was published, and in that time, more Metu and Lee books have been produced, which focus on cancer as a whole as well as leukemia.

What is Metu and Lee?

The term mithu (me-tu) means “sweetie” for a boy, and mithulee (me-tu-lee) means sweetie for a girl. This is in the Indian language called Kutchi. Metu and Lee were derived from Dr. Sachedina’s desire to help the children of the world when their parent or children are diagnosed with medical problems. These characters were created to represent all the children of the world. Their purpose is to ease the difficulties for children facing these challenges. Therefore, these books is dedicated to the mithus and mithulees of the world.


Dr. Shenin Sachedina, D.O., FACOS

This character represents Dr. Sachedina. Her caring and informative attitude in this series represents the entire project goal to educate and empower children.You will see certain attributes such as her earrings and the ring on her finger that she always wears. Her stethoscope around her neck is a staple during a professional career. The white coat represents the fact that she’s a physician and helps children bond with this character to ease the discomfort that can be felt by seeing an adult in a white coat during an physician office visit.


He represents all of the young males of the world.


She represents young females of the world.

Chemo Commando

This character was designed as a droplet since chemotherapy can be in liquid form. He has powers of karate and represents strength. The arm band represents the medic in the healing power of the chemotherapy.

Radiation Rod

This is a character the lasers zaps the bad cells. Radiation is exactly like that. Radiation provides radiation treatment to destroy the bad cells.

Good Cells

These represent healthy normal cells. On ultrasound, a lesion that has a well-defined border usually is a benign lesion. This was the inspiration for this character.

Bad Cells

These are cells with jagged edges. These are the cancer cells. On ultrasound, lesions with jagged edges usually represent a malignancy. This was the inspiration for this character.


Knowledge is power . This KIP. Inspired by hand held video games, this character is to remind us that the power is in our hands as to how we deal with the challenges of life .


This character was inspired by a friend of my son who was facing medical issues as a child. It was also based on Christmas as I hope that my work with this project is a gift to any who need it.


The dolls name was a nod to my daughter’s first friend in pre-K at age 2. But later it was discovered that the name means “Devoted to God”. A little hidden gem discovered years later.


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